Vinyl Flooring

If you thought that Vinyl floorings were just about hospitals, grocery stores and schools, you would be wrong? It may come as some surprise? But vinyl flooring is the UK’s second option to carpet when installing new flooring in a home. At Distinctive Flooring in Doncaster, we recognise that many people are looking for a floor covering that not only looks great! But can also be a practical and budget option to!

Vinyl Flooring is also a very practical for kitchens and bathrooms because unlike natural stone or laminated wood floors it is water proof, making spills and water easy to clean up. Vinyl flooring has come a long way from just being supplied in 6′ and 12′ sheet. You can now purchase vinyl floor plank which is manufactured to look like solid wood, bamboo. You could also choose vinyl floor tiles which is used to look like natural stone or a tiled floor.

In our Doncaster flooring store we can supply, vinyl kitchen floor, vinyl bathroom floor, vinyl floor plank, cushion vinyl floor and vinyl floor tile floors, from the worlds leading manufacturers like ArmstrongLeolan and Tartket. We already discount our vinyl floor covering, so you can be rest assured that not only will you be getting a great deal, but we will give you the service and after care that you are looking for.

Choose your style before you contact us for a quote or visit our showroom?

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