Distinctive has been chosen as an Amtico stockist,which allows him to extend the showroom’s flooring range and offer customers greater choice and versatility.
As well as their beautiful designs, Amtico products also come with a 25-year guarantee and are installed by a specialist team who carry out a preparation process prior to laying the floor. In general, it takes two days to install, ensuring all due care and attention to detail is taken.

Amtico products are very low maintenance as well as being tough and durable.The tiles look just as good as ceramic; however they are warmer to the touch with special design strips in between the tiles.These strips allow the grout lines to be added without discolouring or staining like normal floor tiles.They also don’t require the maintenance of sanding, sealing or polishing.

With all these impressive benefits, you would expect Amtico to be expensive. But in fact when compared to most woods and stones it is of a comparable price.And whereas most competitor design floors are sourced from the Far East or Europe,Amtico is proud to say that all its products are made in England and support the local economy.