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Looking for carpets, vinyl or Laminate floors in Doncaster ? Solid wood flooring or carpets in Doncaster? Then come and visit us at Distinctive Flooring.

Distinctive Flooring based in Balby,┬áDoncaster, Doncaster’s most knowledgeable, friendliest flooring specialist, offering quality carpets, laminate and solid wood flooring, vinyl and cushioned flooring. We are a one stop carpet shop in Doncaster, offering supply and supply and fit flooring from carpets to vinyl, laminate and solid wood flooring.

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Choosing the Right Carpet : What to Look for...

Once you decide to purchase a new carpets for your home. Let common sense be your guide by visiting our carpet shop in Doncaster. Choosing the correct carpet for your needs is essential for the activity of your home. To increase carpet longevity it is paramount that you also choose good quality underlay, because the underlay will absorb most of the ware and tare in high traffic areas. We have a large selection of plain and patterned carpets for home and commercial use.

Distinctive flooring , can offer cheap carpets in Doncaster, and offer quality carpets at competitive prices. When choosing carpets, it is always recommended that you choose a good quality carpet underlay, which will add the longevity of the carpet you decide to purchase.

Carpet Composition and Durability........

When deciding on a new carpets in Doncaster it is best to do some homework and set a budget. Carpet is made up of fibres, mesh backing and latex backing, which keeps the carpet fibres in place. Quality carpet has a tighter weave making the carpet more hard wearing and durable. Carpets come in many fibre combinations, the most popular is an 80-20 wool twist which is a combination of wool and nylon. If you are in a high traffic area like a living room we also recommend that you choose a stain free carpet with a built in protective coating making the carpet virtually stain proof.

The most popular carpet styles are twist carpets, wilton carpets, stain free carpets, berber carpets, nylon carpets, patterned carpets and 80-20 wool combination carpets. You will find our carpet and flooring solutions are of the highest grade, from manufacturers such as Abingdon, Mercado and Kingsmead in our carpet shop.

Choosing Laminate Flooring

The benefit of laminate flooring as opposed to solid wood flooring is that it will not stain, fade or dent. Laminate flooring is for more resilient to scratches and the surface is water resistant. Choosing the correct laminate flooring for the purpose should be first and foremost in your thoughts. Cheap laminate flooring is ideal for areas were there traffic is minimal such as a bedroom, were quality laminate flooring like Quickstep, Balterio or Licheer, are the ideal choice for high traffic areas such as hallways and living areas.

Laminate flooring comes in various thicknesses, the thicker the core or underside the more hard waring it will be because there is little tendency to warp or chip. Choosing branded laminate flooring ensures that the product you will receive will perform to the highest standard for years to come. If you are considering laminate flooring for a bathroom we would highly recommend a vinyl flooring alternative which looks just as good, but will not have the problems that are associated with installing laminate flooring in high moisture areas.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring as opposed to laminate is more susceptible to dents, marks and scratches. An alternative to solid wood or laminate is engineering flooring. Also remeber solid wood flooring is more prone to stains purely because wood is porous. Spills and dirt should be wiped down immediately and always using the manufacturers recommendations. Never over wet solid wood when cleaning the floor as the floor will expand as the moisture will penetrate the wood and could cause warping or bevelling.

Things to consider when buying or installing a solid wood floor: Wipe up spills immediately, use doormat's at entrances, use rugs or runners in high traffic areas, NEVER push appliances over the surface always lift, use furniture protector pads to stop any indentations. If you require any additional information on purchasing solid wood flooring in Doncaster, contact Distinctive Flooring 01302 850490

Vinyl Flooring

Synthetic flooring has come a long way since its conception in the early 1900's. These days vinyl flooring comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and stands up to a myriad of purposes. With major advances in technology, vinyl flooring now can now be designed to look like real wood flooring and stone flooring in sheet and tile formats. The picture on the right is an excellent example by Armstrong, the UK's largest supplier of vinyl flooring who have a catalogue over seven hundred designs and finishes. Vinyl sheet comes multi widths keeping waste to a minimum.

The most popular backing or bottom layer is felt which takes over 90% of the market followed by fibreglass. Felt is used so that the vinyl flooring can be glued, alternatively their is fibre glass which is used to stop curling which means installing the vinyl floor without glue.

Cheap carpets in Doncaster.

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What a first class experience we had when we purchased our new lounge carpet you recommended what we needed based on our lifestyle, the price was great and the fitting was fantastic nice to see a company that deliverers what they promise.
Sarah D, Bessecarr